Tuesday, June 26, 2012

World-Wide Knit in Public Day

June 10th was World-Wide Knit In Public Day.  The DC event was hosted by Looped Yarn Works (my LYS) in Dupont Circle.  Nate and I rode our bikes down, worried because we didn't know exactly where they were meeting in the Circle.  Never fear: it was really hard to miss a crowd of knitters (although at first they looked like a prayer group because everyone was sitting quietly with their heads down concentrating on what looked like folded hands).

Immediately a burly man with a beard and clipboard came over to greet us.  He asked if we had ever heard of a group called "Minute." 

"Minnit?"  I asked.

"Yes.  Mennit," he replied, strangely only speaking to Nate through this whole conversation. 

I was a little perturbed.  Nate can knit but he isn't the die-hard that I am...just because I decided to just take a skein to wind rather than actually knit something didn't mean I should be completely ignored.  Or maybe this dude was inviting us to join a religious organization that systematically excludes women?

The friendly, burly man must have felt my attitude and spoke veeeeery slowly.

"DC Men Knit is a knitting group for men.  Would you like to join?"

Hells yea burly man who knits!  Please recruit Nate!  He's been working on the same damn hat for a year and a half now!

Moral of the story: if you knit in public, good things happen.  Do more of it.


  1. Ok, I give up: you win all the things! Not only have you gotten Nate to knit (it's still the same brown hat, right? Get on with it bro!), but he is now getting recruited? Beyond awesome.

    But, enquiring sibling minds want to know: did he join?

    1. He signed up on the list, but seemed unsure about actually attending. Not much of a joiner, that one.

    2. You don't say...after 30-something years of knowing him, I don't think it's that he's not a joiner so much as he wants to spend endless amounts of time debating the decision with himself, and by the time he reaches the end of the debate, it's a new millenium.

      Or something like that. Big sisters are notoriously critical however...