Sunday, January 23, 2011

Weekend Update: I Might Be An Idiot

First of all, congrats to B, Jessica, and Nathan for being the first commenters on the last week's post.  I will be sending you all something lovely.  Nathan's was some seriously questionable poetry, but double gifts to both B and Jessica for AMAZING poems.   I'm thinking something Vagina Monologues related, perhaps?

This past week was mildly traumatic.  I had been talking to a friend earlier in the week and said that  I would be sending my sister my old cell phone because hers was  broken.  I said, "I am not as hard on my phone as she is."  BIG mistake.  I almost immediately went home and dropped my phone in the toilet (I am still not sure how this happened....who is ridiculous enough to drop a phone in the toilet?  This girl....). Yup, the gods are hilarious folks that like to mess with people that make cocky statements.

Last Friday I did this:
Chopped my hair off.  Comments have ranged from "you look like an ass-kicking lawyer" to "you looked young before, but now you look five."  Whatever, I don't have to brush my hair anymore.

I also finished spinning the blue stuff from Lorna's Lace (purchased at Stitch DC). 
Look how cool this is.  Right after I spin it, it is "energized" and all crinkled up.
I let it set in water for a while and then dry.  Then it is all relaxed and the twist is set.  SUCH a big difference.  LOVE IT!
Started my Valentine's Day knitting.  Making these hearts from Mochimochi land.  Planning my Annual Valentine's Day Red Dinner (specifically, the 24th Annual Red Dinner...Smith/Brown family tradition) which may also include a Yonic Craft-making Party in preparation for the Vagina Monologues in DC.  Oooooo.....


  1. The blue is beautiful! I need to learn to knit but I don't think I have the patience or coordination :D

    ICLW 121

  2. Love the haircut! And the lovely blue yarn - isn't it amazing how much a bath can change it?

    I have a funny phone story: a friend of mine, who is a 6th grade teacher in CO, discovered that the toilet off of her classroom was getting stopped up regularly. Yuck, right? So when the plumber came to figure out what was causing the problem, he discovered her cell phone lodged down the pipes. The cell phone that she'd been frantically searching for several days before when she couldn't find it. So, not only did she drop her phone in the toilet, she didn't know she'd done it. Definitely worse!

  3. That yarn is gorgeous! I like your hair and am all for low-maintenance.

    ICLW #192

  4. Paradykes: you can TOTALLY knit!! Give it an hour and you will have it completely under control, I swear. Check out for great videos.

    Johanna: no, the phone is kaput. I got a snazzy new smart phone now, though...overall, not a bad deal.

    porpoise: that is friggin' hilarious. I am so glad to know that I am not the only one with phone/toilet issues (although, I was still too embarrassed to tell the Verizon guys how my phone got so damaged...I was like "I, uh, dropped it in some, um, water?!")

  5. I love the hair! I'm always a fan of woman who chop it all off and you look beautiful. My hair is growing out and it's irritating that I can't just stick it under a faucet or let it rain on me and then walk away with a stylish 'do. Plus the hat hair thing. You can't even get a "get out of jail free card" for flat hair for 4 months, which is total bull. You've solved this problem. You're genius.