Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Not Knitting

You are all so polite.  So polite, in fact, that even though there hasn't been an ounce of knitting on this blog all week (longer than that?!?!) no one has complained.  Actually, you have all been uber quiet lately.  Let's play a little game.  First three people to post a comment here who have never posted before (I know you're lurking out there....) will get a very special something for International Random Gift Giving Day, which I will celebrate....oh, I dunno....sometime later this month.  Double gifting if your comments are in poetry form.  Deal?

I will admit that I have not been knitting much the past two weeks.  Chalking this up to a suspected case of carpal tunnel I am trying to avoid and also to the fact that there is wool EVERYWHERE in my room, attaching itself to all my dark-colored yarns that I want to knit with (I swear I am going to make those black legwarmers for you someday Julie!).  Why is there wool EVERYWHERE, you ask?  Mainly because I don't have a vacuum cleaner.

But also because I made this:
80 yards super bulky weight from KnitPicks Bare Merino roving.  I'm have some dying plans for this one....purple, maybe?
And this:

fatter-than-fingering weight hand-dyed Superwash Merino from Lorna's Laces (I do not believe for  a second that this is actually superwash...for you non-wool-fetishists, superwash means that you could stick it in the washing machine and it wouldn't felt....I don't believe.)
And some of this:
the first ply of a two-ply something that I have planned...wool of some kind that I was given that is not as soft as Merino.  Boring, boring color.  All rolled up on a toilet paper roll for safe keeping until I do the second ply.

All spun on my spindle, which is now starting to fall apart (I am not entirely clear on the qualities of a good spindle yet, but I am pretty sure they include having a hook that stays screwed in).  I am not entirely sucking at this spinning thing anymore, even though I am still not super consistent with my width and might over spin it just a little bit (read: way too much).  Need to go back to the Art League to play with the wheel some more, though...perhaps after acquiring some additional roving.


  1. Kindness

    Ok, so that's not my best poetry attempt ever, but I just wanted to say hi and that I think your blog is really cool. I mean, who spins nowadays? Way to go woman!

  2. An amazing poem I am very proud of that has a unique rhythm to its rhyme.

    You consol battered woman
    You help others with birth
    You garden, knit and spin.
    You bake and host and sew.

    You do other things,
    Just too many to name
    Oh! You put on vagina themed shows.

    You’re here and you’re there,
    You’re damn near everywhere
    Because you’re perpetually bored
    So you make yourself busy.

    You’re creative and kind
    (Is this how you unwind?)
    You’re energy is amazing
    But it would make many dizzy.

    But just one question I’ve been dying to know,
    Since you never slow down,
    When the hell do you sleep?!

  3. You two are both amazing. Shoot me an email to tell me if you have any requests. Remember: double goodies for your awesome poetry!

    Can't wait to see who the third responder is. Shad? Adam? Devon? Any takers?

  4. Your "squirrel on wheels" rocks,
    now i'd love to see more posts on socks.

    uugh, I know, pathetic rhyming ...:)

  5. What are my options? :-) I want those long fingers mittens with the little finger and thumb flap so I don't have to take them off every time I answer my phone or pull out my ipod in the freezing cold.

  6. I second the options question, though I would also take anything to keep my feet warm :)

  7. Jeesh, Jess! We are talking hand-made awesomeness here. Give me more than a couple of days to get something to you! Unless there is some other promise I reneged on....?!?!?!

  8. I thought you had the ability to look at yarn and have it become something. Ha! I just commented on not hearing back from you. It takes me a year to knit a straight line scarf so I'm not the one to talk. Hand made awesomeness is worth waiting for. :-)