Thursday, February 17, 2011

The Impossible Photograph

Julie's bday was in January.  Like, early January so early in January it was actually in December.  I finished making these legwarmers for her today.
My own "pattern."  Seed stitch, ribbing, knit flat then seemed.

Today, as in, half way through February.
Weird angle...

And seeing as I am the one wearing them in these disembodied leg pictures....
My mirror is really dirty....

Julie still hasn't received her gift.  Although I did also give her one of these (it was called something dirtier on the packaging, though).
What am I doing in this picture?!?!
 And if you haven't noticed, it is absolutely impossible to take a picture of your own legs without them looking stumpy (or you looking insane).
In the air?
On the door?


  1. Julie's birthday was in December :P

  2. Crap, that means I'm even later than I realized....

  3. are those the pink shoes you told me about?? hottest.

  4. Those leg warmers are so cool! I love to crochet, but once I started blogging, I ran out of time. I am still in the middle of a sweater I started over a year ago... Saying hi from ICLW #121

  5. I so love that leg warmers are back in style--takes me back to my childhood--I had a rainbow pair. I definitely need to get a pair, or get a friend who makes them :)

  6. Cool leg warmers and I LOVE those shoes you are wearing!

    ICLW #19