Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Things I've Missed

October was so full of things I could have observed and didn't do a good job of.  So let me just say:

Happy (Belated) National Coming Out Day!!! (October 11th): funny enough, my job's internet filters won't let me view much of the National Coming Out Day site.  It seems innocuous enough....

Happy (Belated) Breast Cancer Awareness Month!  I am told that my mother wore hot pink hair extensions again this year.  And I didn't make it to the AU Women's Initiative Breastival, but I did score one of their awesome shirts (click that link to see Gloria Steinem wearing it...yup, I have the same t-shirt as Gloria Steinem):
Diamonds on the front.  The back says "treasure your chest."  Picture blatantly stolen from the WI Facebook page...oops.

Less than happy (belated) Domestic Violence Awareness Month: Why can't people just stop it with the domestic violence already?  I wore purple on October 20th (my half birthday, and sister's birthday incidentally) to show solidarity.  And of course, my cubicle is always decked out in anti-violence against women paraphernalia....

Happy (belated) Rhinebeck:  This one breaks my heart.  Rhinebeck (also known as the Dutchess County Sheep and Wool Festival) is one of the biggest fall festivals devoted to the fiber arts in all of North America.  Every knitting blog I read (and there are MANY) had a post on what an awesome time the writer had at Rhinebeck.  They all posted pictures of the sheep and the wool and the spinning and the knitting...and I didn't get to go.  I was headed up to my sister's b-day the following weekend and it seemed silly to trek up to upstate NY two weekends in a row.  Tears....

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