Monday, February 27, 2012

Why I Haven't Been Doing My Homework

So, you're like, JoAnna hasn't been here for a while, so she must just be studying a lot lately, right?

You would be incorrect.  Instead I have been watching all of Downton Abbey and knitting this:

Wippoorwill Shawl by Carina Spencer
I would just like to say that, if for no other reason, I am pleased I went to law school just so that when Downton Abbey talks for an entire season about how terrible a fee entail is, I can turn smugly to the person sitting next to me on the bus and say, "let me drop a hot piece of info on you I learned in my property class" and give them the explanation of inheritability of estates they have been craving for the last week (because, you see, they were like me and hadn't discovered Downton Abbey on Netflix until last week and then spent ALL of their free time since catching up).

But I digress.

You really can't see how nice this shawl looks from so far away.  But I am including these pictures anyway because who doesn't want a solid picture of their booty up on the internet? 

Am I right?
For the knitters out there, the shawl really is symmetrical, it is just inexplicably.  off center in this pic.  This is a size medium.  There are way too many "make ones" in the pattern to make it a total joy to knit, but overall, pretty fun.  The yarn is all from local yarn shops from two different sides of the country.  The black is Star Castle Fiber Mill Alpaca Sock Yarn from So Much Yarn in Seattle, Washington.  Apparently the alpacas that donated their fleece to this skein were named Jengo and Gabrietta.  I am very grateful to them for making this shawl possible.  The orange is Starcroft Nash Island Fog Yarn in Lobster Bake colorway brought to me from Maine by someone who knows what kind of souvenirs I like best.

Ok, back to "How I Met Your Mother."


  1. Your booty really does look fantastic. All of you looks fantastic.

  2. I agree with Devon, your booty does look fantastic. And I recognize that Lobster Bake as well - it is also looking fantastic. Why didn't I get any for myself? (eyes already available stash and remembers, sadly why not)

    Clearly I must get on the Downton Abbey bandwagon ASAP, as I've got a colorwork sweater to finish in the next week and a half, and I'm almost done with Luther.

  3. Ha, thanks for the positive reinforcement, but I am going to try not to post TOO many pics of my booty on the interwebz.

    What is this "Luther" about which you speak? I am going to have to do some "inspecting."