Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Hat Competition

I've been on a hat-making jag lately.  I've made about 10 of them this fall.  There was a blue one, a red one, a turquoise one, a green one, two gray ones, a black one, a brown one, a purple one in progress and this stripey one.

Hats are like crack with the much more pleasing side affects of warmth and fuzziness.

In honor of my hat-making obsession, I would like to offer one to you!  Leave a comment on this post saying why knitting is awesome (or why law school is lame) and I will choose one of the commentors at random to get a hand-knit hat.  If the winning entry is in poetry form (the worse the poetry, the better), they will have input on what kind of hat it is (otherwise, I get to choose, and you KNOW it will include a pom-pom).

Ok?  Go!


  1. Hats don't suck out souls.
    Unlike law school, they just
    Keep souls (or brains) warm.

    (Hat haiku.)

  2. I think you should make a hat for Brad. I bet he could wear it like nobody's business

  3. Knitted hats are the best!! I love wearing the ones my mom has made. Someday, I'll be brave enough to knit more than scarves. :)

    I've never been to a law school, so I don't know how much it sucks, but business school sucks! I'm so glad I'm done with it. I hope you finish soon!

  4. Once upon a time I knit a scarf. It took me seven years.

    I WANT to knit, I really do. I tried to teach myself using youtube videos. But I get frustrated. I have this bad habit of wanting to be GOOD at things without the actual getting-good-at-them-by-practicing bit.

  5. Assuming the goal is bad poetry...
    There once was a knitter named JoAnna
    Who doesn't usually wear a bandana
    She's from Indiana
    But lives in Atlanta
    And knitting turns her into Santa!

    Also, please enjoy: http://www.yarnharlot.ca/blog/archives/2011/02/10/just_get_me_the_coffee.html

  6. ICLW 89. I think I'm too late for the hat giveaway, but your scarf in that picture is gorgeous! I don't knit, but I do admire the work of y'all who do. (I'm relatively close - over in Huntsville AL).