Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Different Strokes

Let me be clear: I am really not good at this whole spinning wool into yarn thing yet.  And since I only have a drop spindle (i.e. no spinning wheel), I am excessively slow at the whole process.

But this, of course, does not stop me from feeling immensely clever every time I make something.  Take this for example:

Close-up. Single ply, fat/bulky 100% Merino from Abstract Fiber of Portland, OR in colorway "Snapdragon"

This past weekend, I took some roving of the same color way...
This is roving....essentially a long, dense, prepared strand of fiber that you use to spin with.

and spun it slightly differently.
First ply done and waiting on a paper towel tube.  Second ply being spun on my crappy, crappy, needs-to-be-replaced-with-this spindle.

Look what happened!!!
I'm a friggin' genius!  Or at least as smart as a gifted seven-year-old.
See how even though I started with the same raw material, it came out utterly different. 

This is not something new to spinners.  Had I plied it differently (perhaps a chain ply, that I am going to pretend I already know how to do for the sake of argument), it would have looked even different still....actually I am tempted to go back for a third round of this fiber to do exactly that. 

Thrilled, I tell you!  Thrilled!


  1. Amazing! Although the scientist in my is eager for a controlled that totally incompatible with spinning? :) Those colors are GORGEOUS, too. Thoughts for what you'll do with the finished products?

  2. Very, very incompatible with spinning....or rather, very incompatible with the inconsistent variable of my bad spinning-skills. In this case, however, I meant for them to turn out differently.

  3. If you wanted to make my gift out of one of those, I wouldn't complain :) Nice work lady!